Meet Nola

Organizers: Heather Decenzo & Angel Priest

We’re rallying together in support of our dear friend, Nola. She’s a resilient single woman in her 60’s facing a serious challenge: recovery from a life-changing surgery. When Medicare denied her inpatient rehab extension, she was discharged without the necessary treatment to fully recover.

Nola’s plight began ~10 years ago when she could no longer walk. Since then, her leg muscles hardened, making it impossible to straighten them, stand, or walk.  This surgery can restore her mobility, but without inpatient rehab, this additional obstacle will make it harder & longer to achieve on her own. Currently, her sole financial support is the modest sum she receives from disability benefits. Compounding her difficulties, her HVAC system failed last summer, leaving her to endure the harsh Wisconsin winter without adequate heat, & she lacks the funds for its replacement.

We’re seeking contributions to cover essential expenses & the crucial replacement of her HVAC system. These funds are vital for food, utilities, care costs that Medicare doesn’t cover, & transportation to & from physical therapy, ultimately aiding her return to work. The total estimate for these necessities is $20,000.  We’d like Nola to have these funds as soon as possible.

Will you help?

An additional reason to support Nola is the efficiency of your donation. Unlike for-profit fundraisers, which may deduct up to 20% for their services, the majority of your gift will directly benefit Nola, as it’s managed by Angel Alliance Inc., a non-profit charitable organization. This not only maximizes your contribution but also makes it tax-deductible. The only deduction will be a minimal fee by PayPal for processing the transaction.

This initiative also relies on your help to spread awareness. Without the resources of a large marketing firm, we depend on grassroots efforts to bring attention to Nola’s situation. We encourage you to share this message on social media, forward the link to your contacts, & help us amplify support for Nola.

Join us in easing the burdens Nola currently faces alone. Your generosity, regardless of its size, will make a significant difference & show Nola that she’s not alone in her journey.

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